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All of Grace is C.H. Spurgeon's best selling book ever. Christians have defined grace as unmerited favour which it is. Spurgeon takes the subject home to your heart revealing God's grace in an empowering way which enables his readers to really understand and walk in grace. All of Grace is a powerful enlightening work written by a man who peered into God's heart with both eyes open. Be ready to extend God's grace to others...be ready to be humbled.

Law's prose is fresh and vivid as he illustrates the holy Christian life as one lived wholly for God. His thoughts on prayer, personal holiness and service to the poor will resonate with many contemporary readers.


Informative and inspiring, The Knowledge of the Holy illuminates God's attributes' from wisdom, to grace, to mercy' and shows through prayerful and insightful discussion, how we can more fully recognize and appreciate each of these divine aspects. This book will be treasured by anyone committed to the Christian faith.

Though written 60 years ago, it could have been written last year. This books is as relevant today as it was back then. A thoughtful and thought-provoking book directed towards people who are serious about following Christ. Prepare yourself for a deeply meaningful and enjoyable experience.

The book gives a powerful presentation of the teaching of Scripture from a practical side. It has the characteristic mark of the author; full and accurate knowledge of the Scriptures. It cannot fail to improve the mind, quicken the conscience and kindle earnest desire to receive the gift of the Spirit in its fullness.

Showing that there is only one way to live a life that is pleasing to God - and it is the work of Jesus on the cross that holds the key, this book demonstrates that we must know how to sit with Christ in the heavenly places, before we can walk worthy of him here on earth, and stand before the spiritual enemy of our lives.

Brings together incredible true stories of ordinary people scarred by violence who refused to let hatred control their lives. Together they create an irrefutable testimony to the power of forgiveness, one that will challenge, inspire, and encourage others wherever they are on the road to healing.

This is one of the most inspiring works of all time; one of the top selling books of all time. Charles Sheldon captors the hearts of the Follower and non-follower alike in this intriguing Christian principal book of everyday life.

Although written by a pastor born in South Africa in 1828, the wisdom shared in The Deeper Christian Life applies to modern-day, everyday Christians. In the Deeper Christian Life, he discusses situations and problems facing you today.

The aim of good works is that God is glorified, not man, Andrew Murray tells us in the beginning of this book. Waiting on God is part of the work process. Offering oneself as an instrument through whom God can work is the chief objective of life.

Andrew Murray draws upon the gospel parable of the vine and its branches to illustrate the beautiful relationship we are meant to have with Christ. Find out in these inspiring pages how you can...

Andrew Murray gives us the simple, yet profound remedy for successful Christian living; Absolute Surrender. When we present our bodies as a living sacrifice unto God, He is able to accomplish what He promised He would do in our lives.

This book will help you understand how to prevail through faith. It is simple and clear yet memorable and powerful. It will change your life if only you believe!

In Ever Increasing Faith, Smith Wigglesworth leads you to a greater understanding of what faith is and how one can nurture it. You will learn what can be accomplished using only faith. As a result you will have a stronger and closer relationship with God.

To the troubled, anxious, and inquiring, it is a guide and helper. It leads them to Christ crucified, the present Saviour, the complete salvation - to Christ, not an assistant, but a Saviour. It incites him to labour for God’s dear Son with the happy earnestness of those who are entirely, as well as freely, forgiven; whose reward is his approving smile. Its use is commended to pastors and laymen who would lead burdened souls to the enjoyment of Peace with God.

Pilgrim's Progress, though hardly anyone reads it anymore, is one of the best-selling books of all time and was enormously influential for several centuries; in fact, we are still living under its influence.  However, it has passed out of favour in recent years, not because of its pedantry and antiquated style, but because much of its message is simply too harsh for the tenor of our times.

Perhaps the hardest thing about following Christ is translating our good intentions into deeds. Christ calls us, and we yearn to answer him, but time and again we lose resolve. Is discipleship possible amid the stresses of modern life? Can Christ bring about lasting change in our lives? How can we be centered on him, when everything seems to pull us apart?

The Bible claims to be a divine revelation, and as such, it transcends human productivity. Pink's book examines the idea of divine inspiration and presents several arguments which aim to prove that God Almighty is the author of the Bible. As Christians, the Bible demands our attention, and Pink's book helps Christians gain a firmer understanding of the Bible's authority.

Elmer Towns covers both the Old and New Testament names of Jesus and God the Father -- enumerating the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek names accurately and provides scripture references for all names. The information is easy to access and to assimilate.

God's Holy Spirit is very much a person. In fact, He is known in the Bible by over 100 different names and descriptions. Each of these names reveals an essential truth about the wonderful Third Person of the Trinity.

More than a century after its first publication, this small treasure is an uplifting guide to the true meaning of the Bible's message: We have all been endowed by our Creator with the strength and spirit to move beyond life's difficulties and attain the shining happiness that is Christianity's promise.

"Imitation of Christ" is one of the most widely read Christian spiritual works of all time. In the Middle Ages only the Bible had a wider readership. After you start reading it, it becomes immediately obvious why this would be the case: its approachable style and the perennial good advice that emanates from its every page make this an incredibly readable and inspiring book.

What is more important than ministry? What is, in fact, the one thing that "puts God to work"? Prayer! In response to His children's prayers and petitions, God has promised to answer, to do , an to give us "all things whatsoever." E.M. Bounds expounds on God's need of people who pray.

His thoughts are inspiring, dynamic, and forthright. Probably no one has ever written more convincingly on the subject of prayer than E.M. Bounds. The Necessity of Prayer will help today's earnest Christians to discover the mystery and the majesty of prayer.

Prayer is a wonderful power placed by Almighty God in the hands of His saints, which may be used to accomplish great purposes and to achieve unusual results. Prayer reaches to everything, takes in all things great and small which are promised by God to the children of men. The only limits to prayer are the promises of God and His ability to fulfil those promises.

Power through Prayer has been called one of the truly great masterpieces on the theme of prayer. The term classic can appropriately be applied to this outstanding book. In twenty provocative and inspiring chapters, each prefaced with quotations from spiritual giants, Edward M. Bounds stresses the imperative of vital prayer in the life of a pastor. He says, "every preacher who does not make prayer a mighty factor in his own life and ministry is weak as a factor in God s work and is powerless to project God s cause in this world".

Prayer is the one force that can turn your life into a testimony of God's divine power and bring victory to your life .E. M. Bounds unfolds the exciting ways that God will move on your behalf and explains how you can: Obtain all that God has for you, Know what to pray for, Receive miracles, Bring your loved ones to Christ, Turn your problems into victories, Develop a deeper relationship with God.

Despite being published over a hundred years ago, Bonar's prose is surprisingly up-to-date and easy to follow. For an interesting treatment of the atonement, one can do no better than Bonar's Rent Veil.

One of the great Christian classics. Written with passion and tenderness, it tells the dramatic, true stories of men, women, and children who, in the face of indescribable persecution, gave their lives for the sake of Christ. Covering the broad sweep of church history from the early church to the beginning of American foreign missions in the early 1800s, Fox’s Book of Martyrs continues to inspire and strengthen countless Christians with a vision of faith that, both in life and in death, commits itself utterly to the Lord of Life.

This volume contains three of Jan van Ruysbroeck's best works: The Adornment Of The Spiritual Marriage; The Book Of Truth; and The Sparkling Stone. These works were remarkable for their combination of lofty spiritual philosophy and robust common sense. As you read it, you will feel that you are in touch with a man who never, in his ascents to God, loses hold on the actualities of human life.

Eberhard Arnold begins with a brief history of the gradual institutionalizing of simple discipleship into ecclesiastical Christianity. His understood intent, is to bring believers back to the basic lifestyle of Christ that was so resplendent in the early disciples. Chapters on martyrs, description of early church life and worship, and the beliefs of the early Christians concerning prophecy, persecution, and the return of Jesus are especially beneficial. A must read for anyone who wants to "walk as Jesus did" (1 Jn. 2:6) and follow the examples of the early believers. I heartily recommend this stirring and passionate treatment of "authentic discipleship" by disciple Arnold.

Puritan John Flavel (1630-1691) in Keeping the Heart has proven to be a steady and timely friend to many over the years. Using Proverbs 4:23 ("Keep your heart with all vigilance for from it flow the springs of life."), Flavel creates a treatise designed for all professing Christians. The aim is that the contents of the heart be laid bare, so that sin which is present is seen as sin and dealt with as a believer should and that the heart be guided to be pure in its devotion and affection for God. He does this, not with law, but by constantly pointing the believer to God's grace as the grounds and means for his sanctification. Flavel is not content to merely convey information, rather, with each point he carefully takes aim at your very soul and deftly fires shot after gospel-saturated, God-glorifying shot.

Till He Come is a collection of addresses centered on the Lord's Supper. Some were preached to the congregation at Metropolitan, while others were spoken to small groups of Christians Spurgeon hosted on Sundays to celebrate communion. The collection addresses a diverse range of scriptures, but all stick to the common theme of Jesus' symbolic last meal. It will prove helpful to anyone looking for further insight on this interdenominational practice and will encourage believers to "do this in remembrance of me."

Brother Lawrence, who spent much of his monastic life in the kitchen. “Love does it all.” Full of realistic honesty, friendliness, and simplicity, Brother Lawrence shows that it is possible to meet God amongst the pots and pans—in the ordinary, daily events of life. This edition, rendered from the original French into graceful, contemporary English, will nourish and delight all those who seek to practice the presence of God.

Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary. It contains more than 2,500 Bible and Bible-related proper names and their meanings.