Food Bank



At The New Testament Church of God, Rickford's Hill, Aylesbury, Bucks.

Contact: TBC    Charity No: 250306


We at Tabitha Food bank are a volunteer-led and non-profit organisation, affiliated to the New Testament Church in Aylesbury. We value our community and advocate our ethos of 'Caring is sharing.'

Our mission is to support and help families and people in our local community who find themselves in hardship facing food shortage, by the distribution and provision of food parcels.

Our Vision is to create a sustainable food bank which will help and benefit our community, but to also help change the lives of those we support by building a healthy and hunger-free tomorrow.

We are committed to treating all persons equally with respect and compassion. We value all communities and support all in need. We strive to continuously improve our service and believe in the re-distribution of surplus food and donations.

We currently distribute small food parcels by over the phone referrals and offer support in signposting to other agencies. We are open to referrals from schools, for families who may identify in need of our services.

Please do not hesitate to contact the food bank using the contact details above.


The New Testament Church of God